Friday, November 29, 2013

I have been following Alice Hendon's blog, The Creator's Leaf to learn how to use the Dylusion Inks.  This is my first attempt and first layer of color.  I used a stencil to put some background on the paper, however, you will see later it disappears with all the playing around I did with the inks and water spritzing.
This one turned out okay, except it is too yellowy for me.

Inks used, postbox red, lemon zest and fresh lime.  I really like the affect of the spots.

Here I used more fresh lime, pure sunshine and a touch of lemon zest.

This one has too much fresh lime, maybe will try softening up the colors a bit.

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Alice said...

on that yellow one that you think has too much yellow (i like it :) ) spray some lime or pink on it and let it run a bit. it will look like a whole different piece. or cut it up into ATCs :) i love what you did! i like the colors you used - wasn't this fun?