Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Challenge 104 String

I have my two year old Granddaughter with me today, while she is having her nap I tangled my tile for Laura's Challenge 104.  The strings I use are crescent moon, diva dance waltz, dooleedo, hurry, paradox, tipple, ticking, worms and half rings.  Don't know what half rings are, so I named them.  The half rings are in the lower right hand cornor of my tile.  Lots to do today and tomorrow.  The painting girls will be here tonight and tomorrow I will be finishing my prep for a big zentangle class on Friday.  I also ordered a zentangle board from Greg and he will make it for me this weekend.  It is the same board that Sharon Payne showed on facebook.  It looks really handy and it cost far less than a camera and projector. lol

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Challenge 103 Moebius Syndrome

This week's challenge is a string using Mobius Syndrome Logo.  Laura's Son, Artoo has this rare syndrome.  As in the past, we are trying to bring awareness to those of you who are unaware of this disease.  Little Artoo has had many trips to the hospital due to the syndrome.  He has a wonderful family taking care of him, an amazing Mother, Laura, Father B-rad, his big brother Chewie and Grandma. 

Monday, January 21, 2013


I have been working on bookmarkers and thought a bookmark would be a nice handout for students.  The pattern possibilities are endless and they do not take too long to make.  I decided to have them laminated and cut them out myself to save on cost.  Hope you like these.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Challenge 102 Auroknot Bunzo

The challenge from, I am the Diva, was a tough one for me.  The two tangles, Auroknot and Bunzo was not what was tough for me, it was how to I put these two tangles together and have the design look balanced and eye appealing.  That was my challenge, I thought of many different ways that just didn't seem like the togetherness was good fit.  From just playing around I thought of a string or rope zigzaging though Auroknot and that is when I knew I would be able to put together a good looking design.  I love how it turned out and happy to post it.  Hope you like it too.

Friday, January 11, 2013

We were visiting relatives in Alabama last year and I painted the teapot and gave it as a hostess gift.  The Swedish Clock was painted last year.  I have been wanting to learn Swedish Folkart and this was my first attempt.  I will be doing another piece in February.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

My Painting Room

Look up at the top shelf, see all the kettles, teapots and coffee pots.  They are part of my passion, love them.  I go around to flea markets, Good Will and resale shops to find these treasures.  If you look carefully, you will see a couple teapots sitting around waiting for my inspiration of what to paint.  I will look up a few pics to load them on here for you to see.  I found a beauty of a teapot in Sweet Water, TN in April and also a cake cover.  I like to paint cake covers too.  I sometimes teach decorative art, not as much as I use to but I still do a lot of painting.  My other passion is color pencil.

Here is my favorite place, the painting room.  It looks messy, but I love it here.  I am surrounded with my art, my supplies and things.  Believe it or not I actually cleaned this room out in August and again three weeks ago.  I have had to make room for my Zentangle supplies.  There is no room in here to have another person, but I like it like this.  I usually spend anywhere from two to six hours a day in here.

Diva Challenge 101 Phicops

Welcome back Laura, it is wonderful to have our challenges again.  Happy Birthday to B-rad!  Thank you for creating this beautiful tangle Phicops.  I have enjoyed drawing this tangle for the past three days, what a gorgeous tangle.  Phicops reminds me of the deep blue sea and all the creatures below the water. 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

First 2013 Tangle

Here is my first post for 2013 and my first tangle tile for the year.  As you can see it is an organic design.  I tend to be drawn to the organic tangles more than the others.  The organic looks more graceful and flowing to me, a softness I like.  I will try to do more tangles and posing in this new year.  Happy New Year to all my followers.