Monday, December 31, 2012

Tom Bow Practice

I wanted to practice with my tombow markers, not too happy with the results.  The ink seemed to bleed as i used my marker.  I wasn't satisfied with the color placement on my tile either.  The wreath was done with color pencil, now I like this and am more confident with color pencil.  I tangled this envelope that holds a gift for my favorite ever hair stylist. The last envelope was made for Nichole, my favorite hair colorist.  I love the softness of the blue ornament, again done with color pencil.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Zendala Dare 36

This is the first time I have posted a Zendala Dare from The Bright Owl.  The tangles I used are Cresent Moon, Knightsbridge, Paradox, Verve and Florz,

Monday, December 17, 2012

Here is my first Zentangle on a black tile.

Diva Dance Challenge 100

Congratulations to Laura Harms, our Diva, for the 100th weekly challenge.  I am excited to be part of the celebration.  The guest challenge has been presented by Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts founders of Zentangle.  Maria's new tangle is called the Diva Dance and it is a delight to tangle this new design.  My first attempt resembles a broken heart, can you see it?  I can't get that phrase out of my mind since the horror in Newtown, CT.
The grief felt for the children and their family and friends has been felt by all of us these past few days. 

Here is my second Diva Dance tile.  I really like the round rock n' roll tangle, it reminds of a rose.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Challenge 99 Looped Border String

The challenge is from Margaret Bremner this week.  Margaret wondered how it would look if you placed a loop on all four sides of the border.  As you can see, I have one loop that is on top and the others are behind each other.  It does mix things up a bit, not sure of the finished look. 
Here is my second attempt.  I really like Plaateen, never used that tangle before.  The sand swirl is new for me too and I like it. 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Challenge 98 Keenees

This week's challenge is to use the tangle Keenees created by Donna Hornsby, CZT.  This is a great tangle because you can use it by itself, amoung other tangles and it is good for a filler tangle.  After looking at some of the incredible tiles already submited, I could see how Keenees can be a holly, jolly holiday tangle.  I already did a Christmas Wreath using Keenees and gave it  as a gift to my awsome friend, Monica.  Monica has really helped me with my blog and she has done a great job and I love her creative thinking.  So I started thinking about using Keenees as a string of Christmas lights and this is what happened.  I think it could have been improved if I had painted the background of the tile with some smeers of Christmas light colors.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Challenge 97 No Strings

This week Diva Laura's challenge is to design a tile using no string.  I started my tile at the bottom left hand cornor with Socc and from there I drew in Aura-Leah's.  Looking at the tile I thought, the Zingers would look great with the leafy-like Aura-Leah's and then I added a few fescu and I was finished.  I like the way the tile turned out and I do like working without a string most of the time.  The strings sometimes feels inhibiting, more freedom and flow without the string.

Shaded Zendala

I am reposting my recent Zendala.  Returning to my blog and looking at this Zendala I knew it did not look right, but what was wrong with it?  Huh, the Zendala had no shading on it.  Well, I shaded the tile and you can see the difference between the two.  The unshaded Zendala is below the shaded tile.  Take a look, see the difference shading can make on a design.

New Zendala

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Challenge 96 Zinger

I love this tangle, it can be places in almost all tangle patterns and designs. I have used this tangle before because I could see Maria used it many times in her designs.  It is easy, delicate, fits in small spaces and has a flowering look to it.  If you notice I put Mooka on my tile to look like a heart with the Zingers coming out of the heart.  I really had fun making this tile.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Another Vegas Tangle

My Blog's New Look

Have you notice my blog has had a beautiful face lift? I met this remarkable girl, Monica.  She was in one of my Zentangle classes and I asked if she knew how to add, update blogs.  Monica is doing a great job, she is still tweeking here and there and we are having
fun with it.  Let me know what you think. 

Here is another tile I did in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Tangles

I spent 3 days in Las Vegas with my Hubby, Son and Daughter-in-Law.  The Guys are in a tool show, the Gals get a few days in before the show starts.  I made some time to get some tangles made and here is the first one.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Challenge 94 Socc

The Diva Challenge this week is a tangle by Erin Olson called Socc.  I really liked this tangle, it is easy fun and a surprise as to how it looks when completed.

Thanks Erin.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Challenge 93 Bunzo

The Diva Challenge this week is Maria Thomas' new tangle Bunzo.  This is one addictive tangle with so many things you can do with it.

Tinley Park Basic Zentangle Class

Basic Zentangle Class Monday night. 
Tangles learned:  Florz, Crescent Moon, Hollibaugh, Raddox and Cadent.

Tinley Park Zentangle Class

These were made by 4 of my most promising pupils, especially Monica. She was my teacher's pet. :-)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Challenge 91 Beads of Courage

Laura's challenge this week is Beads of Courage.  As Laura explains, "Beads of Courage is a charity that helps a child with a chronic illness or condition to tell their story of courage and strength".  I thought about what kind of tile can I design with beads?  I was going to skip it, however, I couldn't get the image of little Artoo out of my head.  He is one little cutie and brave too.  I made one tile not too excited about it and tried another.  I wanted to see what kind of tiles others designed.  It is amazing what you all can do.  Such beautiful designs and dear remarks to Laura and Artoo. Artoo is two!  Happy Birthday little one.  Hope you like my tiles.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Challenge 90 String Theory

This weeks challenge was to use Tangle Pattern String 001 from Linda Famer's website.  Can you see my string?  Sometimes having a string to follow make it easier to select your patterns.  When I first saw this string, it reminded me of a pineapple and that thought got me started.  This was the first time I used Worms and I like it, I love Rain and use it quite a bit. Hope you enjoy.  Go to and enjoy Linda's wonderful website.

Rick and Maria's Zentangle book

Here is the cover to Rick and Maria's new Zentangle book.  I am taking orders for the book.  You can buy a signed copy from me and Rick and Maria included an official Zentangle tile in the book for you to use as a bookmark.  The book is a beautiful hard cover with 146 pages with many illustrations drawn by Maria. The book is a must-have for your Zentangle library.  The list price is $39.95. Please contact me for your book.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Monday, September 24, 2012

Challenge 88 Official Tangle IX

The challenge is the new official tangle IX, created by Rick and Maria. They presented this new tangle at the XI August Seminar. I definitely am not satisfied with my results.  I just could not get excited about these tiles.  They are missing something, maybe color or the wrong companion tangles.  What I do like about the challenge is my early entry to post it. Looking forward to all of your challenges and sure there will be many to inspire me to create a more snappy piece.
Hope you all have a wonderful week.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Challenge 87 Pinwheels For Peace

September 21st is the International Day of Peace.  Our Diva Laura's weekly challenge is to create a Zentangle Pinwheel for Peace as was done last year for the Pinwheel of Peace. I believe our world needs an International Day of Peace everyday.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

South Side Brushes Zentangle Class

I taught a class at South Side Brushes yesterday.  Here is a sample of some of some of the tiles. South Side Brushes is a Chapter of the Society of Decorative Painters and yesterday was our annual membership drive.  In all, there were 24 participants in a make-it, take-it introductory Zentangle classes.  Thank you to all who participated.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Puf Tangle

I began a mono of Puf, after the string was drawn, I began Puf in the largest part of the string.  When I looked at it wondering what to do with the rest of the string, I thought it looked like a hat, so I drew a face on the next section and ended with what I wanted to be a bow and locks of hair hanging onto her shoulder.  Anyway it does look puffy.

Groovy Tangle

I wanted to Zentangle some paisley's and started out with Eden Hunt's Groovy. Added a few paisley's and went off track with these squiggley things, but loved how the background turned out.

Ezmerelda Witch

Meet Ezmerelda the Witch, she was created and designed by Prudy Vannier CDA.  I thought it would be fun to Zentangle Exmerelda, she has a great hat, don't you argree?

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Challenge 85 Copada

This weeks Challenge from the Diva is from Margaret Bremner of Enthusiastic Artist. Margaret's name for this tangle is called COPADA.  When I first looked at the tangle, I liked it, but what would I do with it.  Picking up my pencil and placing the string on my tile and I hoped for the best.  Well, looking at my string, I was not impressed, but I began by drawing Copada first to see where it would lead me.  Well, it's not too bad, thought the color pencils could only enhence this strangle looking tile.  Kind of reminded me of a hat, which gave me a couple of ideas for other tiles.  Hope you have time to take a look at how my idea's turned out.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Challenge 84 Blind-Sighted

The challenge is to draw a string with you eyes closed and create your tangle design.  At first glance, I wondered how this would turn out and what I would tangle.  Looking at the finished tile, it reminds me of a roller coaster!  What say you?

Friday, August 24, 2012

Zentangle Apron

I am up and moving now that the summer is close to an end.  Decided to zentangle an apron, I have plenty of them for painters.  It really was fast and easy and so much fun to do big zentangles. Looking at in the photo I see I missed my little black accents on the bottom, no problem to fix it quick.  It is really easy to zentangle fabric, I have done several fabric projects and they always turn out well.  The apron will be worn for my upcoming zentangle workshops in Septmenber.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Challenge 81 Relay For Life

I have not posted a weekly challenge since mid June.  My excuse is the wonderful summer I am having with my family, especially my wonderful Grandchildren.  They have been visiting at Grandma and Grandpa's house and we are having a great time.  We have been spending lots of time at our community pool. It is time to start getting ready to go to Columbus, Ohio for the Hoot Painting Convention.  Hoot is a wonderful convention for classes and shopping and I am looking forward to being there again.  Last week I was at the Ann Arbor, MI art festival, wow, what a great art show.  It was my first time and definitely not my last.  So here I have my weekly challenge at last.  The challenge this week was created by Erin Olson from The Bright Owl. It is called Relay For Life for the American Cancer Society.  Erin also has a weekly Zendala Dare on her blog.  I haven't made too many Zendala's, however, I did find this fun and a challenge as to what patterns to make for all those small spaces.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Challenge 75 Cadent

This weeks challenge from the Diva is Cadent.  It is a popular tangle pattern and many variations can be made from this pattern.  It is fun to teach, people are always amazed at how easy it is to create. Go to the Diva's Challenge and look at all the different entries for this weeks challenge, they are fascinating and beautiful.