Tuesday, December 26, 2017

I love this.  I am learning to paint and design with alcohol inks.  The paper here is Yupo paper, which is a plastic, non porous material.  The background medium is alcohol inks.  After drying, I used the alcohol inks as my string for drawing the outlines of the flowers, stems and pedals.  Using a sakura micron black pen to fill in the flowers with Zentangle patterns.  I still need a lot of practice using the alcohol inks.
Day Four, Diva Dance tangle.  This was so much fun, lots of potential for this pattern.
Rumpus, Day Three.  This is drawn on a round Zendala tile.  I love this pattern, fun to draw and a bit challenging, need to concentrate on this one.  The tangle name, Rumpus, was named by Maria's Granddaughter.
This tile is Day One of the 12 Days of Zentangle, offered by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas for Zentangle enthusiasts.  Each of the 12 days they presented a video with different challenges for various tangles and techniques.  Their daughter Molly also participated and did a few days of challenges also.  Rick, Maria and Molly all participated in the first tile, choosing basic beginner tangles differently than the style the tangles are originally presented.
Here is Day Two.  Two tiles were used for this design presented by Molly.  One black and one white tile.  To begin the black tile was folded in half and a half circle was cut, when the fold was opened, a complete circle was cut out.  The black frame was decorated with the tangle called Flux using a white gel pen and coloring in the orbs around the opening with a gold gel pen.  The second tile, white was framed with the tangles Poke Root and Poke Leaf, the center tangle is "Nzeppel.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Here is another six 3Z tiles matted.  I am not happy with this one and will attempt to redo it.  I am designing a few extra pieces for the Art Market.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

These are my new Halloween projects for 2017.  I went to Hoot in Columbus Ohio and these were two of the projects I purchased.  They were easy painting and finished them rather quickly.
Here is my latest piece made from the newest Zentangle tiles called 3Z's.  They come in white, tan and black.  The tiles shown are tan, with blue, brown ink and white pastel pencil.  I made this piece for the Winter Art Market at the Frankfort Public Library on November 25th.  The mat is a custom cut mat for the 3Z tiles.  I plan on designing three more and hoping the frames will arrive in time for the show.