Friday, January 17, 2014


Currently, I am involved in an ATC Deck Swap.   ATC means Artist Trading Card.  This is a popular art activity shared all over the world by artists.  Many Zentangle groups belong or create ATC swaps.
I have been in 5 swaps in the past year, this is my 6th swap.  So the ATC Deck Swap is a swap making 52 trading cards, same number as a deck of cards.  You can design them any way you want, meaning you can draw them in ink, marker, watercolor or other paint medium.  Some people will create 4 suits.  After starting, I had an idea for 4 suits but did not want to change course after starting.  Maybe if I join another deck swap I will use my idea.  Some of the people involved are creating two and three decks!  I am only doing one deck and I am half done. The large sheet is 11 x 14, if you click on it you will get a better look.  This is my pink and yellow sheet, it is ready to cut to ATC size.
The blue ATC's are from a large sheet.  I will post the other blue cards below and add other in another post.

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misssrobin said...

They're beautiful! I've seen several sets of ATCs, but it would never occur to me to do one big sheet and then cut it down. What a great approach. Thanks for sharing the how so I understand there are options.

I hope you're very happy with the end results and what you receive in the swap is beautiful, too.