Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Bijou Tiles

Here are the new Bijou tiles.  They are 2 x 2 inch square, in an attractive square tin with 55 tiles inside and a small brochure from Bijou (the snail) describing all the wonderful words about Zentangle.  The tin with tiles is $18 plus tax.  Please contact me for your tin of Bijou tiles at

Above are a few of the tiles I have made.

Be Like Bijou #179

In 2006 Rick and Maria were visiting Paris.  While in their hotel, Maria discovered a small snail in her suitcase.  After
returning home Rick and Maria discovered the little snail traveled home with them.  His name is Bijou and he wanted to  be part of Zentangle, however, the standard 3-1/2 x 3-1/2 tiles were too large for the small snail.  Bijou asked Rick and Maria if they could make a small tile for him and they did.  The Bijou tiles are 2 x 2, they are small enough to draw a  monotangle.  The Diva, Laura Harms was introduced to Bijou at the CZT seminar in Providence this past June and she has presented the challenge to "Be Like Bijou".  The pattern I selected is fairly new, designed by Betsy Wilson, CZT and it is called Maryhill.