Friday, September 5, 2014

New Zendala

Yesterday I had a delightful class with two ladies, Dee and Patti.  Dee has been drawing Zentangle for the past year and is creating beautiful Zentangles.  Patti is an artist that has a history with painting including murals and faux painting and also enjoys Zentangle.  Since they both were familiar with Zentangle, they were looking for a bit more of a challenge versus a beginner class and wanted color included.  The Zendala above was made from a Zentangle prestrung white tile and I adjusted some of the lines on the tile to fit my design.  I colored the tile with Tombow Irojiten color pencils.  It was the first time the ladies heard of these color pencils and they loved the beautiful soft colors of the pencils.
This was the first time I gave someone a beginning class starting with a Zendala and I hesitated a bit when agreeing to jump right in with this project first.  However, these ladies proved to be no amatuers when it came to drawing Zentangle and were on a fast learning curve from the start of the class.  Unfortunately, I have no pictures of their tiles, but I will be asking them to send me their tile for me to post.  The patterns used are Betweed, Swarm, Zander and the three points in the star with yellow was a design I used to add to the design, no name.

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