Thursday, June 12, 2014

Tangled Garden

I am working up some pieces for two of my Granddaughters.  The one above I was experimenting with my Derwent Inktense Color Pencils.  This piece is 7 x 10 and I plan on drawing it on watercolor paper sized 9 x 12.
I also drew up the one above and will paint it with the inktense pencils too.  Any comments to the above pieces.


Duane said...

Diane, this is great to see regular art with tangles in them. I have the same color pencils and I have found that you can add water after coloring with the pencils but you want to make sure you only put water on a very small area at a time (size of your thumb nail) wiping off excess water from the brush each time, especially changing color. Kinda takes a while but its worth it. Adding water to the piece after coloring it is different than most are used to, but it does work well. This is a great piece of art you've done. I will have to try using patterns in my regular art too.
from Duane.

Karen said...

Hi Diane, your work is beautiful. So nice to meet you!