Thursday, May 23, 2013

New Book by Suzanne McNeill, CZT and Cindy Shepard, CZT

The Beauty of Zentangle by Suzanne McNeill CZT and Cindy Shepard, CZT   Available November 2013Here's the new book coming out this fall and I am in this book! 

Tinley Park Senior Week

This week is Senior's Week and our Park District had different activities everyday for the Senior's.  Only two lovely ladies showed up for the Zentangle Workshop on Wednesday.  Although there were only two participants, I got to know Ellen and Sue a little bit more than if I had a room full of people.  They did great with Zentangle and liked what they created.  It was a fun couple of hours.  Thank you Ladies.

ATC Nature Swap

Here is my first ATC Nature Swap card.

Challenge 119 Ebony and Ivory

The challenge this week of Ebony and Ivory, black on white and white and black.  The patterns I used go together, however, this is too geometric for my taste.  It looks okay but not the flowing effect I prefer.  The tangles are Fracas, Florz, Stircles and Up and Across, the red border to add a little color.  Please visit the rest of my blog,, hope you like.

Monday, May 20, 2013

New Tile

Here is my latest tile.  I used my micron pen and Irojiten color pencils.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Fantasy Zentangle

Here is my entry for the June Art Show by the Tinley Park District Voght Art Center.  The theme is "For the Birds".

Monday, May 13, 2013

The Beauty of Zentangle

Zentangle contributor's by 125 artists worldwide.  Price is $16.64 from Amazon.  This title has not yet been released and can be pre-ordered.
Look for my Zentangle contribution is this new book to be released in November.

Lesson 3 Tombow markers and Irojiten Color Pencils

Here is the tombow marker project.  I did the project on 100% cotton printmaker paper and I had no problem with smearing or bleeding.  Also, this was my first attempt using a water color brush pen, it was fun and easy.
This was the second part of the project, using the Irojiten color pencils and making crosshatch strokes.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Lesson 2 Time to Tangle with Colors

Lesson 2 using the indirect blending method with the tombow dual brush pens.  We made a landscape design and filled in the segments with tombow pens blending the colors from dark to light.
Here is my second attempt, not to crazy about my color choices and my W2 pattern got haywired while drawing it.
The Irojiten project wanted me to color using the scrumbling stroke method.  I admit to not getting into the scrumbling method to much on this Zendala design, however, I am quite pleased with the look and color.

Time to Tangle with Colors

I am taking an online class called "Time to Tangle with Colors" by Marie Browning.  The first lesson has two projects, the first one is above.  I selected a shape, squares, tangled them with different patterns, I also decided to use the cool colors and then used the dual brush tombow dual brush pens. 

 The second project was using Irojiten Color Pencils, we were asked to use the Rainforest Set of pencils.  I created a Zentangle design on a Zentangle tile and used various blues and set it off with orange, shaded with red.