Friday, August 14, 2020

Underwater Zen

 A mixed media painting, watercolor, micron pen and inktense color pencil. 16 x 12

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

I love this peace and the colors, seems serene to me.  I was inspired by Karlyn Holman from Wisconsin.  It is similar to a painting in her book, Watercolor Making Your Mark and video of how she painted her painting.  It is painted with watercolor, lots of glazing on this one.  I made the design more abstract then the painting Karlyn created.  I am somewhat of a newbie with watercolor and am taking classes from a great artist, Margi Hafer, who I admire her work and style enormously.  Margi is a gorgeous multi media artist, her paintings have a soft abstract feel to them.  I am working hard to capture her style, it is so refreshing for me to be learning watercolor painting.

Alcohol Ink Seascape

Here is another seascape and I added some mountains because that is what showed up as I was blowing the canned air over the inks.  So I went with it, looks like mountains or perhaps an island sitting out in an ocean somewhere.  I painted the mountains with a brush, not what I generally do when painting with alcohol inks.

Alcohol Ink Seascape

Haven't painted any Alcohol Ink in a while.  Took my inks out and started to paint some art that I will eventually mount on cradle wood and resin.  Tomorrow I will try to paint some beach scapes.