Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Rolling Lava

Love the richness of the gold in these colors of orange, green and yellow alcohol inks.  This was painted on Yupo paper and mounted to a wood panel and then I put resin on it.  See have some finishing touches.

Abstract Alcohol Ink

Love the effect of the gold.  The circles of gold added an amazing element to the painting.

Blue Daisey

This is my latest floral.  I plan on making a series of floral in various colors and mount them on wood panels and add resin.  The resin gives the alcohol inks such an amazing look with the vibrant ink colors.

The Blue Flower

One of my first alcohol ink flowers.  Love how it looks against the black background.

Floral Alcohol Ink Painting

I am continuing to practice the alcohol painting techniques.  Recently resined six pieces of AI art, putting the finishing touches on them.  They will be gifts for some friends.